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Wangsa Maju Mosque HDR

This is Usamah Bin Zaid mosque at Wangsa Maju near my work place. If you are from MRR2 it is on the left side of the road before Jusco Alpha Angle shopping complex. It was in the morning where I was on the way to my work place and decided to take this shot as the bright sun good for HDR photo, only the sky have less cloud.


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  1. marki says:

    wah..cantik HDR pic neh.. bleh blajar neh ..hehe

  2. momoc says:

    aku blaja HDR kat sini click here

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  4. Captain Kimo says:

    Love this pic the colors are great. Everything works well in HDR. The only thing that throws my eye off is the tower. I like the wide angle effect but when you have a tower like that it makes it look like it’s leaning over. Photoshp CS4 has a lens correction feature thats great for fixing things like that.

  5. momoc says:

    Thanks Kimo for the comment, actually I did use lens correction..but still learning using it..as I correct it the building also stretch…hehe…thanks

  6. ihomerent says:

    nice photos ,the last one is great !

  7. momoc says:

    Thanks… appreciate it..

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