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United Lost to Chelsea in Community Shield 2009/10



Congratulations Chelsea for the Community Shield 2009. First defeat for United but this just a moral boost game for the club that win. No point for the league as the English Premier league is just begun.

For Manchester United fans like me, cool mate. Don’t get into emotion yet, start to miss Ronaldo maybe teves. Yes I feel that to, but we have to learn to live without them. I`m most probably miss Teves coz his move and his tired less effort.

The game – it’s a confident start form United with a superb strike from Nani. And then United move start to loose a bit. Gives Chelsea more room to move and give a chance to Chelsea to equalize. Then, 2nd goal, Foster should do better than coz he had a touch on the ball before it goes into the net. Than I start to miss the one an only Van Der Sarr the record holder.

Rooney equalized on the last minute. Honestly I think is an offside seeing from the camera angle but who cares..:). Defends..erm not so tight with Vidic also on injury list make Rio look not so cormfortable without him.

Valencia introduction seem not give any impact in the second half. He looks quiet loose compare to the game that he played on the Audi tournament. But like I said, the season is just begun and Chelsea may that’s the only trophy that they will win this season..:)

Video from Footytube.com:

Chelsea Vs. Manchester United at FootyTube.com

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