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Tree on The wall

My HDR photography continue..today it’s raining again… after a while it’s raining again. At last the rain stop in the evening but still cloudy. Even though cloudy… I grasp my DSLR and went to take this shot at the side of SILK highway road at Kajang. This place near the junction to exit to KL -Seremban Highway and to Bangi.

I put 2 photo for this post one from far post and one put the tree in center of the frame. Tomorrow I will post more on close-up of the tree. This tree has been here for at least 100 years I think. This tree exist since my father still in school..my father now 76 and I 32 years old so it being here at Kajang maybe 100 years ++.

This shot taken with 400D 18-55mm, ISO 100, Aperture Priority F5, bracketing mode 3 exposure, continuous shooting with timer on Gorillapod on my car roof. Process with Photomatix Pro and Photoshop CS3.


IMG_5173 IMG_5174 IMG_5175 process2


IMG_5170 IMG_5171 IMG_5172 process

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This is a view location of the picture taken from google earth. The white line accross the road is the pedestrian bridge that appear on the photo.
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  1. Captain Kimo says:

    Thanks for the kind words.

    That tree is pretty spectacular. Looks like you are adding Google map to your blogs too. It’s good! Now I can spy on all your favorite places and go grab a few shots myself when I’m in Phuket, Thailand next year.

  2. momoc says:

    Hehe…just following what you are doing on your blog… good photographer like you will share..not like some other photographer will not tell others what their setting..or their spot. That’s actually what internet for..sharing information.

  3. silk highway says:

    […] traditional summer adventure holidays touring of the Southern Silk Road and Karakoram Highway. …Tree on The wall | Momoc HDR PhotographyMy HDR photography continue..today it's raining again… after a while it's raining again. At last […]

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