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The Red Durian – King of Fruits

Hi, I’m want to share you something weird about fruits. Did you know about Durian, Widely known and revered in southeast Asia as the “king of fruits”, the durian is distinctive for its large size, unique odour, and formidable thorn-covered husk.

The durian, native to Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, has been known to the Western world for about 600 years. The 19th-century British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace famously described its flesh as “a rich custard highly flavoured with almonds”.

What realy this article is about is, usually the durian cultivars has rich yellow flesh but this strange durian have RED cultivars.

This red flesh durian was a wild durian found in jungle of Kalimantan, Indonesia. It has quite strong smell and usually consumption by birds.

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