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The Dead Sea trip

The Dead Sea trip
Yesterday day I was talking about my trip with my family to bagan lalang , which are just a trip about 2 hours from my home kajang., Malaysia. Today when i`m when back home my wife are talking about salt.

Then, I dunno why my mind suddenly thingking about The Dead Sea. Maybe it have some connection with my wife saying about salt because the Dead Sea have high salt content in the sea water, makes any plant and animal life impossible. I think that’s why they call it Dead Sea.

I hope one day me and my family – of course with Qistina my daughter which I told you on my last post have an opportunity to visit the dead sea to see and feel our self the high salt content in the water.

I read some said that it’s a breathtaking experienced at the Dead Sea water for its wonderful nature reserve hikes, flowing streams and waterfalls, unique health enhancing properties, first class hotels, convention and recreational facilities and of course the experience of The Dead Sea itself.

deadsea2I found some picture of the Dead sea, on the left are one them. One thing i realized that the white rock looks like a giant snail surfing on the water. Maybe is the last dinosaur snail that failed to crossing the sea and died and become the salt statue snail.

It being said that the sea offering a curative spa and mud treatments. They say it can cured many disease especially skin problems. Before you go just take a precautions and of course Travel Insurance with you.

Many people fail to take out Travel Insurance cover in the mistaken belief that their other insurance policies, such as health insurance or life insurance, will offer them sufficient cover abroad, when in fact this is rarely the case. A typical Travel Insurance policy should offer:

  • Emergency medical expenses cover, which includes emergency medical costs and an airlift back to the UK for further treatment if necessary
  • A twenty four hour emergency helpline, manned 365 days a year
  • Liability insurance, in case you accidentally damage property belonging to someone else
  • Insurance against the loss or theft of your belongings
  • Cancellation and curtailment insurance, in case your holiday plans go awry for whatever reason
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