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Ten reasons why people are in debt

1. Last is gas prices and I know what your thinking “well at this time they’re low” but it might have come too late. When prices were going almost as high as $5 a gallon buyers and businesses alike took a huge hit and it’s going to be a long time before we recover. Now think, why are you in debt? This is a clear way to get you in a clear set of mind.

2. The war has left us feeling like there is no end to our economy melt down. This is a war that still seems like there is no end in sight and with all the money America has put into it how much more money will we lose? At the end of the day it’s us picking up those billion dollar cheques.

3. Medicare and extremely high doctor prices are making it hard to keep us healthy. Most of us are going sick because we don’t want to pay these prices. This is really a job for the government and they need to do something fast. After all are nations health should be one of are top priorities. I believe this is one good reason people won’t buy homes because of fear of being sick and having to spend that money on a doctor.

4. Not being welcome to change could really leave you at the same spot. Change your way of thinking and don’t be scared to move on from your home as you may get a fast property sale . There are ways to find just the right mortgage you need.

5. Material items such as big screen TVs and fancy cars get in are way of reality. Most people if they want it they will have it no matter the cost. Be realistic, the TV looks just fine as a 32 inch rather then a 62 inch that will leave you broke.

6. Peoples high expectations are outrageous. No matter what, people always want better! and it leaves most of them in the poor house. People can’t just be happy for what they do have and maybe they should set the bar just a little lower.

7. Price drop might seem like a good thing but something is wrong when banks are scared so much that they are actually willing to work with the people. It seems like we got to a point where people don’t want any part of the housing market. As we watch the prices drop maybe we should be a little more scared.

8. Slow economy and lack of jobs are really hurting this country. Things wont be the same for a long while and we need to face that. But we can’t just be afraid and not invest in the things that matter to use. The same goes for business owners that are scared to bring in new workers because of down times.

9. Credit is something people don’t realise adds up. There are young men and women with an average of $4776 in debt. We as people need to learn how to control our urges and need to learn how to use cash.

10. Peoples lack of their obligations is scary. People just don’t care about if they lose their homes as much as they should. They go out and buy expensive electronics but when it comes to saving it is a lose for some people.

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