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Sunset at Power Plant HDR

This HDR photo taken this evening while on the way back to Kajang from Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. It’s a hot and sunny day today make the cloud so clear and beautiful but when I took this picture the storm is coming. In the photo you can see the black cloud . I had to put my Canon DSLR on my car coz forgotten to bring my tripod and with the light condition that time to shot 3 bracketing RAW handheld would coz a blurry photo. There is no good place that time so this is at the side rod between Lenggeng and Broga where there are TNB power plant. I had to make this shot even though have to include the power plant fence coz it’s a beautiful sunset and don’t want to miss that chance.


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  2. Captain Kimo says:

    Great sunset. I think if you would have jumped on the roof of the car you would have had a better POV. I do that all the time with some of my photos, unfortunately I have a big dent in my roof now.

  3. momoc says:

    hehehe..yup..next time I will climb up my roof with my tripod..

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