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Sultan Mizan Mosque Putrajaya


This photo is near the place where I shot the BHEUU building in the previous post. It is the Steel Mosque, a 6000 tones steel mosque. This was the first time I went there and don’t want to miss the chances to take this shot.

There are few shot I took but for now I just had time to edit only two. Above photo are being edit with HDR effect and another one edited with Adobe Lightroom. The cost to build the mosque are said be approximately RM200+ Million.

The mosque is being told that didn’t have fan or air conditioner if I was not mistaken. The cold air in the mosque cause by the system that used the lake water below the mosque. The are some more shot but for now just view this two photo.


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  1. DNora says:

    Very amazing mosque. Great pictures and nice shot by you. Good jobs.. Thank you for shared.. ;D

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