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Stranded in Rainy Day HDR

Yesterday evening it was raining while heading home from my office. This is the photo while I stranded in rain at the bust stop in front of the Malaysia National Zoo. I have to make a stop coz my DSLR in my bag which is not water-proof.

While sitting there waiting the rain to stop I pull off my camera from my bag and take this shot from the bust stop bench. I have to let my camera on the bench coz the light condition is not suit to handheld the camera. The bench as the tripod at that time seems the best way to take this shot.

On the right which the dark part are my bag which I carry my camera on the bench. The bright light is the cars front light which passing through the road. The shutter coz the result of the cars light. The yellow light shape like a star is the road light along the road. When arrived at home and think this photo is good photo for HDR effect. The pattern of the brick looks like a screen capture of a 3D game.

If not because of the camera, I will continue my trip with my motorbike through the rain. Sometimes even I didn’t bring my camera I still stop at the bus stop coz the road are slippery and wet which is dangerous with the quantity of the road vehicles increases day by day.


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