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Special Post to the Old and New Mosque of Sungai Ramal HDR Photography

Today I’m not going to post new HDR photo but want to elaborate more about the previous mosque HDR photo – the new and the old mosque of Sungai Ramal Village ( hometown of the legendary local war hero – Leftenan Adnan. On the right is the HDR photo of the new mosque and on the left is the old mosque. This mosque was built just side by side in the same area as you can see in the google map below. The green light box is the location of the new mosque and on the right with the red line is the old mosque.

hdr-photography-old-sg-ramal-mosque-sunset hdr-photography-new-sg-ramal-mosque-sunset2

The red line is the direction of the mosque towards Mecca which is the direction of what we called it as Qiblat. The red line was generated from this website ( http://www.al-habib.info/qibla-pointer/ ) – a website with the Qiblat direction application using google map. This is where the part I want share with you which is the old mosque was built by miscalculation direction of Qiblat as you can see the red arrow facing the wrong just maybe around 20 degree.


The first time I pray at the old mosque, I was surprised because the carpet has been arranged slight different with the mosque wall. That time I wasn’t knew about the miscalculation on the Qiblat direction. When I saw the carpet arrangement, then I knew the mosque building was being built in wrong direction. The time the mosque was build was year 1929, most probably they didn’t use compass that time. That’s why the Qiblat direction slightly wrong.

I was told by the mosque committee member that they in process of joining both of the mosque to become one. My interest not just in photography but also in history and I’m very pleased that they don’t bring down the old mosque. Last but not least this place is the hometown of the legendary Leftenan Adnan – war hero of Malaysia. His age was 14 when the mosque was built and I’m sure he had perform his prayed here at he old mosque. You can read about him from this link – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adnan_bin_Saidi

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