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Sony Bravia PLay Doh Rabbit

sony_rabbitHave you seen this video? I saw this video on my friends pc watching interesting video at youtube. This is a advertisement from Sony of their Sony Bravia LCD TV. A lots of you maybe already seeing this ads, but for me is the first time coz this ads never appeared on my country.

This video not just showing the ads but also the making of the stop motion play doh. The rabbit which are handmade taking frame into frame manually at the street of New York. What a job man!, you have to see the full video it included the making of it.

If you like art and animation you must now what is stop motion animation is. It can also can be a hobby if you have a lot of free time. You just need a play doh and digital camera. I think I want to do it later and I will show you my stop motion animation.

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HDR Tutorial

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