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Rotating Data in Excel

Yesterday I’m doing some buying guide for cell phone. I have to make a website which feed data from database. The data was in Microsoft Excel and I have to convert it with a SQL generator software which will convert Excel data to a SQL syntax which will be imported to PhpMyAdmin.

The problems I have to rotate the data in Excel. The data was in vertical table which I have to rotate it to be horizontal table to suit the SQL generator and the database. Below are the example of what I’m explaining to you.


I have to turn the data from top table to table below showing you in the image above with the red arrow. This just the example, I have a huge amount of data in the Excel and it will long time if I’m going to copy and paste to turn it to make it horizontal.

Then I found the solution that I want to share with you. First click and drag to select the whole table like the picture below.


Then right click and choose copy from the drop down menu.


Then click on the cell where you wan to place the data which you are going to rotate. Right click again and choose paste special.


A box with check box with some selection, check Transpose. It at the bottom right of the menu. At the paste area you can choose to bring the formula or just the value.


Click Ok, that’s it. Settle my problem. I hope you get the benefit form this tutorial .

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