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Related Post With Thumbnail For Blog

linkwithinI think I just found the best plugin for related post for my blog. For you who have visited my blog sure you have realize that below my post have related plugin with thumbnail. This plugin is easy to install and it takes some times to appear after you install it. You can get this plugin at http://www.linkwithin.com.

Before this I found this interesting plugin on other blog. First I thought it is part of the template that the blog have. But then I see some link near the thumbnail, when I click on it it bring to the plugin homepage. Now then I know how they have the eye catching related post thumbnail.

It is not perfect yet but it certainly catches your attention to other post as ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. It does work on blog coz first I saw this plugin on other blog I will be attracted to read other post as the thumbnail make I attach to the blog to read some of the pages with thumbnail.

It suit kind of blog with image, so if you are going to use this plugin on your blog, make sure you have at least one image. As an example maybe you don’t have any image that suit your post, so just make one image which have the title on it. Make some simple design like my previous post – Make Money With Blog. I put some 3d affect on the title of the post.

Like this post that you are reading now, the image that suit the post is the logo of the linkwithin plugin. It easy to install and it all automatically did it for you but it will appear few hours or one day after you install it. It the depends on your post and theme that you are using.

This plugin in will make you readers stick to your blog and reading some of your post as the thumbnail will catch your eyes. That’s it for now I hope you will put this plugin to your blog like my blog – The Momoc Blog..:)

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  1. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  2. HenleyL says:

    Hey, I really enjoy your blog. I have a blog too in a totally unrelated field (Online Stock Trading) but I like to check in here on a regular basis, just to see what’s going on and it’s always interesting to say the least. It’s always entertaining what people have to say.

  3. momoc says:

    Thanks Jac..please come again if you like photography

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