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Qistina have Hand Foot & Mouth Disease

hfmdHi guys…I just came back from work and my wife on the way back from a clinic with my daughter Qistina. If you read my previous post you should no why my wife brought Qistina to the Clinic.

I was afraid that Qistina’s high body temperature coz of Swine Flu but thank God it wasn’t H1N1. It not gave me a relief yet coz the doctor said that my daughter have HFDM. Of God what is the HFMD, the disease name like almost the same as H1N1.

The doctor told my wife, HFMD shorten for Hand Foot & Mouth disease. She said that it’s nothing to be worried. Its not the same as H1N1, HFMD is a common illness of infants and children caused by a virus.

HFMD characterized by fever, sores/ulcers in the mouth, and a rash with blisters. The blisters may appear in the mouth, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Yes, this past few days Qistina had a high fever and had some small red dot on her skin. Her mouth inside out is red with some white thing inside her mouth. That is the ulcer on and that is why this two nights, she frequently woke up and cry. We thought she had a nightmare or stomach problem.

Now we knew what all is about. The doctors we met is the doctors that treat Qistina since her 1 month old. The doctors seems don’t look worried on her face, she just smile and said that be calm is nothing to worried about. It’s a normal thing for babies like her, this just a mild disease and nearly all patients recover within 7 to 10 days.

The doctors just give an antibiotic as a medicine to fight the virus. Something I found on the net about HFMD and like to share with you all.

Specific prevention for HFMD or other non-polio enterovirus infections is not available, but the risk of infection can be lowered by good hygienic practices. Preventive measures include:

  • Frequent hand washing, especially after diaper changes, after using toilet and before preparing food
  • Maintain cleanliness of house, child care center, kindergartens or schools and its surrounding
  • Cleaning of contaminated surfaces and soiled items with soap and water, and then disinfecting them with diluted solution of chlorine-containing bleach (10% concentration)
  • Parents are advised not to bring young children to crowded public places such as shopping centers, cinemas, swimming pools, markets or bus stations
  • Bring children to the nearest clinic if they show signs and symptoms. Refrain from sending them to child care centers, kindergartens or schools.
  • Avoidance of close contact (kissing, hugging, sharing utensils, etc.) with children having HFMD illness to reduce of the risk of infection.
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