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Photography of Photographer in HDR Photo

Last week I went to KLCC to shoot some HDR photo for my blog and if you at the highest twin tower in the world, of course the tower will be the subject. But on that day, lots of tourist and other photographer also there to do their photography activity. While waiting for the view to clear, I think of other things beside the twin tower which is to take other photographer who shot the twin tower.
I have not seen much photo of photographer shooting at the twin tower, so decided to take this shot. The photographer maybe Korean of Japanese by looking at his face. If you are the photographer in the photo maybe you can mail me your name or your blog, facebook or anything that I can give you credit to this photo.
Click on the photo to view in black.

Camera: Canon EOS 400D
Iso: 100
Shooting style: Handheld
Programme: Aperture Priority: F20 , Bracketing
Lens: 18-55mm
Exposure: -2,0,2
Software: Photomatix Pro,Photoshop
Shoot number: Multiple Exposure
File format: RAW


20100115-IMG_5661 20100115-IMG_5662 20100115-IMG_5663 process

View Larger Map
This is a view location of the picture taken from google map. The location of this photo taken at center of this map, you have to view larger map to see the twin tower.
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  2. If that guy step a few feet to the right…
    1Malaysia slogan will be perfect.

  3. momoc says:

    hehe…later…another shot have the slogan full

  4. Michelle says:

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