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Photo of Broga’s hill

momoc blog broga hill

I just come back from my wife hometown.. a bit tired. But still have energy to post something to my blog. The picture above are the morning yesterday taken inside my car at semenyih-broga on the way to Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan through short cut.

I don’t like to drive on the highway coz the shortcut will go through some village and hills which make me feel more interesting to drive rather than highway which is nothing to view and boring and sometimes make me feel sleepy which is dangerous driving in that condition.

The photo are the Broga’s hills with a natural ecosystem far from pollution and are likely to be a choice for people who like jungle tracking. The morning a bit cloudy and cool, you can see from the photo some cloud on the top of the hill, give some amazing view when you approach nearer to the place.

There are small town call Broga and that is why the hill we call Broga’s hill. Some small raining along the way which make me to step out and took the photo. I don’t want my Canon 400D wet in the rain.

That’s all guys for now..see you next post.

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