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" Hi..if you are here for the first time and come from a search engine, welcome to my HDR photography blog. You will find my daily photography activity in HDR here mostly around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Click on HOME button on top menu to view thumbnail of my latest HDR photo. You may use these photographs with credit and links back to Momoc HDR Photography, no commercial use without permission. Thank you."

People in HDR


Still at the Cempaka Lake but adding people to the photo. This is my wife and daughter standing near the Cempaka Lake and this is my first HDR photo of people or portraits with the clear blue sky. I had to use single raw HDR for processing coz my daughter Qistina ( 1 year 7 month ) can’t stay still. This is the result of my first people HDR photography and still find the best setting for people HDR.

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This is a view location of the picture taken from google map. This is at the center of the lake where the sculpture of the landscape.
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HDR Tutorial

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  1. nizam says:

    HDR ke ni…dh macam lukisan jer…bleh terangkan sdikit apa hdr dlm bahasa melayu x…konfius ler..bila dh tgk bnyak photo HDR ni…

  2. momoc says:

    Hdr bahasa melayu susah nak terang kan, bahasa yang paling senang nak bagitahu ialah gabungan/blend 3 gambar sama – normal, terang dan gelap. Kalau pergi tutorial HDR kat top menu tu..boleh tengok la sample 3 gambar tu.

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