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" Hi..if you are here for the first time and come from a search engine, welcome to my HDR photography blog. You will find my daily photography activity in HDR here mostly around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Click on HOME button on top menu to view thumbnail of my latest HDR photo. You may use these photographs with credit and links back to Momoc HDR Photography, no commercial use without permission. Thank you."

Path to The Beach

This is the HDR photography of path to the beach from Bougainvilla Resort, Port Dickson. It just near the spot which I shot yesterday beach HDR photo. This path still under construction coz last time this place was full with tree and bushes. You can see it from the Google map below, before it was being cut for landscaping. Click on the photo to view in black.

Camera: Canon EOS 400D
Iso: 100
Shooting style: Handheld
Programme: Aperture Priority: F4.5 , Bracketing
Lens: 18-55mm
Exposure: -2,0,2
Software: Photomatix Pro,Photoshop
Shoot number: Multiple Exposure
File format: RAW


hdr3 hdr3-2 hdr3-3 process-hdr-photography

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This is a view location of the picture taken from google map.
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  1. Oscar says:

    I love this shot. Its so dreamy. I gotta take some tips from you on these great shots.
    BTW, what are the thumbnails below each of your shots?

  2. momoc says:

    Thanks oscar…the thumbnails are result from Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)..which you`ll find it on DSLR Camera setting..it will take 3 different exposure, which is normal, darker and lighter…then we process it in software call Photomatix…it will result in the fourth thumbnail…then add some contrast and color in Adobe Photoshop…that’s it. The final photo we called it High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photo. I`m not a PRO…you can find other resource for this kind of photography on the net, I’m still learning and experimenting. .. 🙂

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