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" Hi..if you are here for the first time and come from a search engine, welcome to my HDR photography blog. You will find my daily photography activity in HDR here mostly around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Click on HOME button on top menu to view thumbnail of my latest HDR photo. You may use these photographs with credit and links back to Momoc HDR Photography, no commercial use without permission. Thank you."

Padi Field Sunrise Photography


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This is another HDR photography shot from the Padi field at Simpang Durian, Jelebu. This old tree just like props that make the stage perfect in landscape photography. There is another which in the middle of the Padi field that I not been captured maybe next time I will show you the tree. I didn’t capture it coz it’s far to the middle and didn’t found the path to place yet. Doing public photography like on other people land, you have to be careful not to make the land owner feel uncomfortable when taking photograph in other people properties.Click on the photo to view in black.

Camera: Canon EOS 400D
Iso: 100
Shooting style: Tripod
Programme: Aperture Priority: F16 , Bracketing
Lens: 18-55mm
Exposure: -2,0,2
Software: Photomatix Pro,Photoshop
Shoot number: Multiple Exposure
File format: RAW

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This is a view location of the picture taken from google map. The map can only be viewable in map view only, at the moment the satellite view is limited.
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  1. bokzo (hello)

    I love the dramatic affects of this photo, it looks a little scary! I have always loved photography but always used a point and shoot slr. I can’t capture anything like these photo’s so i am in envy.

    Have a great day!

  2. momoc says:

    hehe..thanks..shoot everyday with your slr..sure you will improve….about envy..I always envy with other who also produce good HDR..envy make us work harder

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