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Oil Palm Biomass

On the previous post I said that for today post is the oil palm fruits HDR photo from my in-law house. So here now 2 HDR photo of the fruits which have been plucked and ready to be load into lorry and send it to the factory for processing. My country Malaysia is amongst the world’s top producers of palm oil with the current planted area is expanding to around 4.0 million hectares. The oil palm is still in development to become one of the major source energy in Malaysia which at the moment depending on gas and petroleum.

It was said the oil that being produce by the plants can be process to replace the petrol which being used largely in transportation. This energy from this plants we can categorized it as Biomass energy and hopefully it can make our world more cleaner and reduce what they called as global warming.



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  1. Lynette says:

    Double thumbs up !
    Yep! Save da world from Global Warming !

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