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Number 23 Enigma part 3 – enigma fan

Number 23 enigma continue:

True with stretched applicability

  • Earth’s period of rotation (sidereal day) is really 23 hours and 56 minutes, not exactly 24 hours. (That’s 4 minutes shorter than a solar day since a day is defined as the time between two noons on the same meridian, which is slightly longer than the period of rotation because meanwhile the Earth is revolving around the Sun.) However, 24 hours is an arbitrary measurement of a day.
  • The first Moon landing, Apollo 11 was in the Sea of Tranquility at 23.63 degrees East. The second landing, Apollo 12, was in the Ocean of Storms, 23.42 degrees West. Also, 11 + 12, the numbers of the missions, add up to 23. Also, 42 + 63 = 105, 10 being a multiple of 5 and 5 = 2 + 3. Again, this is stretched as far as the degrees, and there are at least 11 pairs of integers that add to 23, not counting negative integers or zero.
  • Earth’s axis is off by 23.5 degrees. This is a case of stretched applicability, and it depends on using the arbitrary figure of a circle having 360 degrees to come up with an answer near 23.
  • If you add up all the digits in 9/11/2001 you get 23. To make 23, you must add “11” as normal, but “2001” must be added as the numbers “2” and “1”. Also arbitrarily implies decimal numerals.
  • Pi’s first six digits (3.14159) added together equal 23. True, however arbitrarily implies decimal numerals. Also arbitrarily selects six digits. Except that 2×3=6, and it’s 5 (2+3) numbers after the decimal place.
  • The plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper (The Day the Music Died) occurred on February 3 (2/3), 1959. MM/DD date format is an arbitrary convention of American English; in most other countries, DD/MM is the date format convention.


  • The human biorhythm is 23 days long. Though Hermann Swoboda and Wilhelm Fliess, the two doctors who first posited biorhythm, did determine that a human’s ‘physical cycle’ was 23 days long, biorhythmics is at best a highly speculative and subjective area of study.
  • It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate throughout the entire body. Blood is a suspension and does not flow at the same rate for all of its components. Furthermore, there is no single path blood takes when it circulates. For both these reasons, verification is both difficult and meaningless. In any case, the “second” is an arbitrary fraction of 1/86400 of a solar day.
  • The human arm has 23 joints in it. Unconfirmed, and confirmation depends on the definition of joint.
  • William Shakespeare was born on 23 April, died on 23 April and had his first portfolio published in 1623. His first play Titus Andronicus was performed January 23 1594. Shakespeare’s actual date of birth remains unconfirmed, and the chronology of his plays is still uncertain (see his article for more information). The Comedy of Errors may have been performed before Titus, for example.
  • Hagbard (Karl Koch), German hacker and inventor of the Trojan horse spyware, died on 23 May. Probable, but not definite. Further, his death was most likely a suicide, with the date chosen intentionally to fit this numerology, since Koch was an avid fan of Robert Anton Wilson’s trilogy.
  • Taiwan is considered by the Peoples’ Republic of China to be the 23rd province.
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