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My Worst Dinner

I went for a dinner with my wife and my daughter just now. We have our dinner at restaurant near our house. We have a dinner at the restaurant many times before, but this time , I and my family have pick the wrong time.

The food taste sucks. “I think their chef had fall their salt bottle”- I make a joke to my wife coz my wife face start to look very disappointed, just want to cheer her up. I`m understand what her feeling coz actually we have a late dinner, we are so hungry and eager to get our ‘delicious’ dinner.

The restaurant’s food never taste like that before but because that’s one of our regular restaurant if we have a dinner. I thing the restaurant owner had change his chef, I taught first its only my food but when my wife face start to change…?. I knew that face. But we are so damn hungry so we just eat and finish the food.

When I’m going to pay the food , I’m was quiet surprise coz the price also has changed. Its become more expensive than before..” What the F***”. My mouth just want to say the bad word but I just shut my mouth and pay the bills.

The dinner just spoil the good day.

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