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Muslim Cemetery in HDR Photography

This HDR photo of Muslim cemetery near my house taken on the evening handheld in auto bracketing mode with my Canon 400D. This just not just a Muslim cemetery but this is my mother’s graveyard ( the nearest ). My mother passed away in year 2000 because of diabetes and high blood pressure. She was a good mother to me and my brothers, raising us with full love and care.

The reason I took this photo not because of photography but would like to ask for help from Muslim readers to pray for my mothers by recite the Al Fatihah Surah. May Allah forgive all her sins and place her among the people of Jannah and may Allah spare her from the punishments Jahanam and the grave. Her name is Kamariah bte Haji Khalid and as the representative of my family would like to thank you for your support.

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HDR Tutorial

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