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Morning Raining in Kuala Lumpur


Morning raining in kajang…its 8.30 a.m. Photo taken from the back of my house from 3rd room and some from the front porch. My friends in Kuala Lumpur also said its raining ’cats and dog’ there. There’s some flooding near the batu 9 jalan cheras tol reporting by my nephew who is on the way to work trap near the Petronas station. You can click the photo for larger view.


Heavy congestion surely from Kajang to Kuala Lumpur which is normal even though not raining. With this raining and some flooding will make more people trap on the road inside their car. This will give more pressure to the road user as this morning our government just increased the oil price.


I’m not going to work today not just because of the raining, it because of my father. This morning he just collapse while we having ‘sahur’. Luckily I just behind my father and the reflect fast to grasp his body before he fall down.


I thought we have lost him, but after a while after we give some splash of water on his face..he awake from conscious and ask for his high blood pressure medicine. Then we got him to the bed and ask him to sleep and get rest. Just now my brother took him to the hospital for further medical check-up. He is just celebrate his birthday last week for the 73 time.

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