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Modern and Islamic Architecture Styles

momoc-blog-islamic-architecture-hdr2This is the continuous of previous post. This time I bring you closed to the building of the mosque. Looking at the architecture we can see it consist of modern and Islamic culture styles. The principal Islamic architectural types are: the Mosque, the Tomb, the Palace and the Fort.

Combination of this usually can be seen around the world and mostly at Middle East. Now the architecture of a mosque becomes more to a modern style or we can say secular styles but mix with religious styles.

Like the State Mosque of Selangor which located at Shah Alam have the biggest dome of it kind, surrounded by four minarets which are the tallest in the world representing the Syiar of Islam to the people of Selangor. The structure below it shows the modern architecture and I can say futuristic for the year 1982 the year it was built.

On the left are the original photo with some lenses correction done it photoshop and below the HDR version develop with photomatix software.


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