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Manchester United’s Lost to Bayern Munich

valenciaManchester United Lost to Bayern on a penalty shoot out last night, it a dissapointment to me but its nothing then. I didn`t watch the game coz i fall a sleep before the game hehehe. At least they have a pre season good match for starter next season.

Yesterday night I watch football match between Manchester United and Boca Juniors in an Audi tournament in Germany. United won the game by 2 goals to 1, its kind an interesting game for pre season match. In the game I saw first goal by the Brazilian – Anderson, I think its his first goal for Manchester United since he joined last season.

First appearance in a red shirt of Antonio Valencia seems to be a perfect first match for him. I`m a United fans, since Ronaldo departure i`m feel a bit down because United lost the best player in the world. But with the game illustrate by Antonio, I`m feel a bit relief. The ball control, technique, tricks and a not selfish and of course his first goal in a red shirt what boost for him and the fans as well.

You cann see his action here taken from footytube.com

CA Boca Juniors Vs. Manchester United at FootyTube.com

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