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Malaysia Rain Forest Monkey

IMG_2435Hi guys, just get back form my wife hometown. A bit sleepy, exhausted, hungry and really need some burger. Have a nice weekend at a village area sometimes make me don’t want to go back to Kuala Lumpur.

But..but my wife’s hometown doesn’t have internet connection…argghh. Feel a bit boring but very calm, peace and the hospitality of the villagers so different from us that living in a city.

I didn’t went to Jeram Toi waterfall like I told on the previous post coz we have some family gathering. Meet some relative that live far and only can meet at this kind of occasion. We have some food, drinks and most of the food we cook at that time together like sort of barbeque but more on traditional food.

I like this kind of occasion where relative meet together, talking each other story. We can strengthen relationship between family. Maybe can forget some of hard feeling among the us which happen in the pass.

And last before I eat my burger, I want to share you a beautiful creature at my mother’s in-law house. A rain forest monkey that being found at the jungle near where my in-law are working. He had being left by his mother’s alone and my in-laws took him back home before it being eaten by wild animal. Below are photo of the monkey I took.

You can view my others photo on my photo gallery at http://ameerphoto.sumasu.com

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