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Langat Orchard (Dusun) in HDR Photography

At last after suffering cleaning malware in my server, my blog is now back as normal. And now this is the time for new HDR photo for my blog taken at the one of the Langat orchard or we called here as ‘dusun’ near the famous Sungai Gabai waterfall. This place taken where my family has a picnic at the orchard, we having some durian and barbeque with my wife friends.

I make some adjustment for this photo where shots taken with 4 set of bracketing and stitch back in stitching software. The reason I take for shot is because I want to include the dead tree at the side of the river and the big tree on the right side of the photo. I can’t move back further coz there some bushes at the back.

So alternatively, each of the brackets shot taken by framing it quarter by quarter. First 2 shot for the top part and 2 shot for the bottom part, so I have 4 set of bracket shot and this is the result after stitched it. Some of my readers said that they make my photo as their wallpaper, so today I load this photo as large 1680 x 1091 pixel. Click on the photo to view larger thank you.

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HDR Tutorial

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