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Job Searching

desktopFrustration moves over your crumpled brow as you check your email account for job responses. There’s no doubt that finding a decent job/career in this new millennium can be quite the challenge. Keep in mind that six billion others inhabit this planet. A good 300 million in the USA alone. That’s a pretty hefty load of competition.

Many of us search high and low for new positions, but struggle with the bleak results. It’s tough to grasp the attention of potential employers now days. Nevertheless we have to continue the jobs search and hope for the best. Finding that ideal career is all about perseverance and focus on the goal.

If you thought it was difficult to find job openings back in the day, welcome to the age of technology. Things are not as restricted anymore. There may be oodles of competition to vie with, but there are also more resources at-hand. Probably your most imperative one is the Internet. If you’re not taking full advantage of this jobs search Mecca, then you’re missing out on plenty. Not that I’m ruling out the old-school newspaper.

It’s still a decent source when it comes to job hunting. However, there is so much more to be found in cyberspace. Advanced search engines are easy to come by on the web. My personal favorite is Craigslist.com. I don’t care where you are in the USA, you can find job openings and career possibilities in your area. Not to mention this is a very simple website to navigate.

Click on your preferred city and then on your area of interest, whether it be engineering or writing. This website has aided me in past jobs searches and I still make use of it regularly. Then there are numerous others such as Monster, Careerbuilder, and Dice.com.

Be sure the resume and cover letter are up to par. A jobs search is not so beneficial if your resume looks like garbage. No respectable company will respond when there are plenty of other applicants to choose from. Have it professionally done if you’re not sure how to write/structure it. I guarantee it will make your jobs search more successful. It’s essential to fully address your skill set in a well articulated, yet concise format. Don’t stop your jobs search until you get that response you’re after.

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