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Into the Nature

The road that I often used when going back to my wife hometown. This part of the road where the road splitting the hills looks interesting and decided to shot and process it to HDR photo. It’s the route from Kerangai to Air Banning heading to my parent in-law’s house at Kampung Lakai, Jelebu. The green view at the side of the road is not nature at all. It’s the leaves from acres of rubber tree along the way.

If you drive this road make sure slow down coz at the other side of the hill there are very sharp corner that already coz 3 death people this year. The corner often have bad car accident especially during festive season, even though the traffic of the road very low.

Below are the original photo before process it into HDR photo. The photo all taken in RAW format with bracketing mode 3 exposure, Aperture Priority F4.5, handheld and process with Photomatix Pro and Photoshop CS3.

into the nature

thumb1 thumb2 thumb3 process

View Larger Map
This is a view location of the picture taken from google map. This is the maximum zoom for this place in google map..it can’t go further like other place.
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