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IIUM Mosque in HDR Photography

This is the HDR photography of Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque located at the center of the International Islamic University main building. It has the modern Islamic architecture design and the dome color is the same official color of the university. The time this photo was taken is just before the rain is coming which I have to stop my photography session for that day. You can see the cloud above the mosque, the black cloud coming over the blue clear sky.

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  1. Yoyo says:

    thanks to u Mr Momo..dapat banyk ilmu dlm HDR in ur blog..thanks banget!..gud luck to ur karier…

  2. momoc says:

    your welcome…selamat belajar HDR

  3. dana says:

    salam bro…
    saya baru belek2 fb td… tgk2 ada budak uplod gamba ni… mmg sbijik gmba ni… dia crop buang bro pnya signature… masuk kompetition apa tah.. uia pnya kot…
    cek link ini:


  4. momoc says:

    dia anak saudara aku…heheh

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