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Human Drawing Better Than Computer Drawing


Yesterday I’m walking to shopping complex near my house with my wife and my daughter. At the ground floor there were art exhibition from around Malaysia. The drawings done by school children. The drawing shows how creative there are and make me wonder what is the dream of their future.

The drawings are about ‘My Dream of The Future’. Some of it suits the title of the drawing but most of it is not. There a few drawings I can group it to be an abstract and it’s quite interesting. This kids are very talented and I think there have avery good imaginations.

Above are some abstract drawing which grab my attention and like to share with you. Its shows human drawing are better than computer drawing.

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  1. JJ Loch says:

    Beautiful photos!!! Were you able to vote on which art you loved best?


  2. momoc says:

    I think the 440…maybe..ermmm…arghhh all best..:)

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