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HDR Photography People Tips and Trick

HDR Photography when involving people is hard to process especially involve in movement. Choose a subject which stay still which easier to process in Photomatix. The photo above is example of my HDR photography with people where it is the photo of my beloved wife and my daughter Qistina. As you can see subject like my wife and my daughter is stay still but at he back are people jogging along the track with cause motion blur like. So choosing a subject is important when shooting with multiple bracketing exposures.

And one more thing when tone mapping people, face always look weird even though the background is so nice. So what I did is duplicate the same photo and adjust it in photoshop. After that mask the duplicate photo which have face or the whole body and with the first photo below it. Mask only the area which you have adjusted like the face and clear out the other thing. That’s it what I did for HDR photo above.

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HDR Tutorial

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