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Hand Foot & Mouth Disease – Qistina getting healthier

Today my daughter Qistina looking good and looks like she going to be healthier. Last night She sleep well and not woke up every one hour crying.

I think her ulcer is has reduce as the white color think inside her mouth become more less after taking Antibiotic medicine from the clinic. No more red dots on her hands. She become more cheerful than few days back.

I can see the relief on my wife face as we all scare her being infected with swine flu but gratefully it was the Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. Its not so grateful but is better than H1 N1 as the HFMD that infected is just a minor disease that usually infected to the infant.

I can concentrate on my other jobs peacefully. Last night I’ll make some adjustment on my blog theme. Make the font size a bit larger and the color darker, make it more readable.

I change the color of the ads to mimic the blog theme and make the theme look clean and tidy I think, rather than usual blue hyperlink. That sit for now see yaa later on next post.

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