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Emails and Fraud

emailInternet can make investor to access their account anywhere, anytime and fast and also offering a cheap study for their investment opportunity. But internet has its own weakness. Especially with email and of course when you receive email.

Below are tips when you receive email:

  • Protect all your account pin number for online transaction. Put your password in a safe place and don’t place it on the net, email or cell phone.
  • Don’t reply to email that you not sure where it comes from. This also refers to email which want you to unsubscribe list which you are not actually not have ever been subscribe to their service before.
  • Don’t give any personal information on email or short messaging system. Most officially permitted companies will not get your personal information through email.
  • Think twice before you open or download attachment event though you knew the sender. Get the confirmation form the sender about any attachment before downloading.
  • Don’t buy or deposit a money to a charity which you found it through email. This unknown email usually from a fraud company. They also exchange your information with others and because of that you will receive tons of it.
  • E-criminals usually use message which want to help people or he want a help fro you. Sometimes there using a well known charity name to cheat you. Make sure you contact and confirm before you make any donations.
  • Don’t do forward ‘chain-letter’ coz not just you cant’s control who viewing your emails but also a possibility spreading fraud information or a virus.
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