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Foreground Interest in HDR Photography

One tips in photography when shooting nature like river tries to shoot at lower viewpoint and find something interesting in the foreground. It can add depth in the photo and also give the photo more interesting in the foreground. Try finding something near you like rocks, bushes, leaves, small tree or anything in the foreground which can give more impact on your photo, especially in HDR photography.

Below are one shot at the same place as yesterday HDR photo – Selangor State Park Hulu Yam. I found some interesting rock or stone that stand still above other rock while the water flow below it and make like its standing on the water. Try finding something like this to fit on your foreground to give more impact on your HDR photo.


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HDR Tutorial

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  1. Kyle Bailey says:

    Thanks for the great resource for HDR photography. I have been reading with interest a number of your articles.

    Here is a link to my HDR photo collection so far. http://bit.ly/RPC-HDR if you’d like to follow my journey from Rookie to Pro please feel free to visit my website as well. http://www.rookiephoto.com

  2. momoc says:

    You have good stunning HDR collection…

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