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For The Love of The Animals

Do you like to go to the Zoo? Yes, if your are still in children age. But for me I like to go to the Zoo until now especially with my digital camera. Last time when I’m was a kid my parents or may uncle will bring me to the Zoo when School break season.

Now it’s my turn to bring my niece to the Zoo. Below are some of my photos taken at the Malaysia National Zoo. The 2 girls are my niece and they seems kinda bored because I just scold them. They running here and there while I’m taking photo make feel angry with them.

Not because of they interrupt my photo session but Zoo is not a safe place for children but for educational reason yes. There a lots of information they can get from Zoo, likes the history and the nature of the animals. Make them love animal’s coz if we don’t educate them to loves animals, the animals will become extinct later in the future.

Talking about children I remember once I went to Melaka Zoo. That time was a school break time. I saw a school trip from school nearby Kuala Lumpur with their teacher at the Zoo. What I’m going to say is the teacher not even look at the children, they busy talking to each other while the children running there and here. I’m not going to let my daughter went for a school trip to Zoo in the future.

They just take so light about safety at the Zoo. Please remember about their safety, don’t let them lost from your sight even a second. But I’m still love Zoo coz I like animals. Last time when I’m was 9 years old I think. My father bought me a sticker book of WWF. Not World Wrestling Federation but it’s a World Wild life organization. It’s a animals sticker books which you have to stick the picture of animals according to their name. Since then I like and feel love for the animals.

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