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Fishing with PO-G


I would like to introduce you to my friends his name is Fauzey. We call him PO-G, he’s one hell of a ‘fisherman’. I’m not saying he’s the best but every time we when fishing together. He always gets the biggest fish, not always every time actually.

He have blog about his fishing trip here at http://sang-cengkerik.blogspot.com. For you who can read in Bahasa Malaysia can go to his blog. For you who can’t read bahasa Malaysia, the photo from his blog will ‘read’ for you.

I don’t know what his trick but big fish always like him. We all use the same bait every time we when fishing together. When we ask him how do you do it, he just smile and said – “ I’m just fishing like the rest of you, nothing special”.

When I mention when we fishing together actually is past few years ago. Now I’m married and have a one year old daughter, I have no time to go fishing anymore. But this PO-G he will find away to ‘steal’ his time for fishing. Now he likes to go for a sea fishing, not like before where we fishing at the river or pond.

Below are some of the photo he took while fishing at Pasir Panjang kelong.

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