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Family Trip to Bagan Lalang


Yesterday I went to Bagan Lalang beach with my family. We had a barbeque with the staff of my wife office. Bagan Lalang is one of the beach located at west side of Malaysia. It one of the tourism place at malaysia. The beach is quiet beautiful, but need more cleaning from the district department.

There is a high class chalet are under construction call Bagan Lalang Gold Coast at the back of my daughter Qistina photo above. I will upload later on other post of the picture of the chalet. Talking about Qistina, yesterday was her first experienced walking at the beach. Looking so curios about what in front of her.

She`s one years old and 2 month, just starting to walk last month and now so hyper active running here and there. I think my life become more meaningful since she arrived in this world. But sometimes wondering what will happen in her future, with the world that we are living right now. Just name it – war, disease, global warming, high cost of living, pollution. Just hoping for the best for her.

I you want to see more of Qistina, you can surf my personal gallery here.

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