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Family Portrait in HDR Photography at Cameron Highland

This is HDR photo of my family at the Bharat tea valley again but this time we all are in one photo. Usually whether me and my daughter or my wife and my daughter HDR photo but this time and place I think is the best place for family HDR portraits. It’s difficult to shoot people in HDR especially with kids. In processing bracket shoot of this photo in Photomatix there is movement on my daughter hand, so I had to mask it with one of the bracket photo which the hand is not moving and make it single HDR photo then overlapped it in Photoshop. Click on the photo to view larger 1068 x 711 size.

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HDR Tutorial

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Comments (4)


  1. Captain Kimo says:

    Wow… what a beautiful family photo. your work gets better and better!

  2. momoc says:

    Thanks Kim, good to have comment from PRO photographer like you.

  3. Annamir says:

    Suka dgn hasil HDR sahabat ni!
    Keep it up!

  4. momoc says:

    terima kasih…:)

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