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Experiment With Aperture Setting

This a shots from level 10 low cost apartment near the middle ring road II at Kuala Lumpur. Even though its cloudy decided to try aperture setting to make it F5. As before I told you I’m using aperture priority mode F22 for all my auto bracketing shot to make sequence exposure for HDR processing later. But today when surfing through flickr I saw some very good HDR photo from a professional photographer. Most of the photo taken with aperture around F3-8, so decided to try to follow their setting with this photo. Also trying to add more contrast on the photo this time.


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HDR Tutorial

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  1. Nice shot dik. Mcm2 jenis photography ada skrg ni ye..Akak minat gak tapi x berminat nak blajar. Cuma appreciate keje org je..

  2. momoc says:

    Terima Kasih..ader masa..datang la lagi yer..

  3. PureRomance says:

    it’s a stunning pic!

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