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Decoration Leaf Plants


This is my brothers’s Asplenium nidus. You know what is Asplenium nidus? Usually at my place call it the ‘bird nest tree’, ‘Langsuyar’ or ‘vampire tree’. native to tropical southeastern Asia, northern Queensland in Australia, Hawaii, Polynesia, Christmas Island, India, and eastern Africa. It is one of several closely related species known by the common name Bird’s Nest Fern.

Usually it grow in the deep jungle of Tropicana jungle. I have one in front of my house hanging at my porch. . Its typically grows on organic matter. These plants can lives without a land coz its only needs water and get food from humus in its leaf.

It can grow up to 5 meter diameter and now become popular as part of house decoration in Malaysia. At my place it call ‘vampire tree’ coz some people say when the grow big enough, there will be ‘something’ living inside it. And some say in the middle of night you will see ‘something’ white dress human shape stand in the middle of the tree.

This photo taken at my brother’s house. You see others plants also have grown up as my brother busy with his chicken farm at the back of his house so he forgotten to take care of his plants. But this Asplenium nidus is easy to take care coz its not to sensitive as it nature to survive in the jungle independently.

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