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" Hi..if you are here for the first time and come from a search engine, welcome to my HDR photography blog. You will find my daily photography activity in HDR here mostly around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Click on HOME button on top menu to view thumbnail of my latest HDR photo. You may use these photographs with credit and links back to Momoc HDR Photography, no commercial use without permission. Thank you."

Blue Sky in HDR Photography

This is example of HDR photography with lens flare when is normally seen because of shooting the picture into the general direction of the sun. The basic idea is this – some sunlight gets into the camera lens at just the right angle that it bounces around the interior of the camera until some of it ends up on the film. This is one of the photos taken in Hulu Yam waterfall, Selangor. At first I don’t want to post this photo coz of the lens flare but decided want to show you what is lens flare in photography.

Lens hoods and lens filters are practical solutions for avoiding lens flare in most situations. When you invest in a high-end digital camera, adding these accessories are an essential part of the process to help you take better pictures. Nothing ruins a good occasion by discovering that memories you took during the event have been ruined by not taking the time to learn how to use your camera to the best of your ability.

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HDR Tutorial

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