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Aware of 5 Things Before Another 5

momoc-blogAre you ready for it? Are you aware of it or you just don’t even bothered about it. The Journey our lives start from a baby who only know how to cry when we are hungry to a teenager who rebel when being pressure to an adult who maybe a multi billionaire blogger  to an old man who maybe successful in his lives or a looser who waiting time to die.

What you have done in the past? Is it worth, or become a disaster for you or your family. Our lives become meaningful if we aware what is coming by reviewing what we do in our past. A past is history? But do we make any analyzing and get something from it. Do we bother what will happen in the future.

Future is something we can’t control and past is something where can’t change. But there is 5 things that you must be aware before comes another 5 which opposite. The things are that you MUST be aware are:

1.    A good health before you sick.
2.    Young before you become Old.
3.    You have lots of money before you broke.
4.    Free time before you so busy which you cant handle.
5.    Be alive before you die.

A good health is a time we are very strong and can do almost anything, but do we do anything good? This is the time we should do whatever it is a good thing which could helps other people. Give a hand to people who suffered, do something to the world while you can as when you are sick and don’t have much strength and your life depends on medicine. That time when you value your healthy life.

When you are young this are the time when you suppose to learn. Now we have internet, we can learn anything from it. Coz education can bring you to success, find the truth of living, religion and do something about it. Absorb your environment by travel to lot of places and without education you are nothing is this world. When you are old you can’t do much lying on bed, hoping your children can take a care of you like you care for them when they was a child.

Value your money as after a hard work, you deserved to spend it. But do you spend it wisely. Did you save some of it for the future or you just waste it like your money will not come to an end. Sometimes we are at the top and sometimes we don’t. Doesn’t mean you rich you will rich forever.

Do you have lots of free time? What do you do? Spend the free time with a quality activity especially with your family. Think before you do something or you will waste your time with something nonsense. Coz when the time you can do anything other than work, then you know that you miss something valuable when you ahave free time.

And last, you can’t do anything when you died. Value your life; fill it with good things as people only lives by its name after he died. If you do good things people will remember you with the good things. But if you waste your life and did something bad, people will banned you and maybe your family for decades. Find the truth of living rather than finding the truth of UFO for example..:). That’s all for now cheers.

By ameer@momoc blog

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