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Avoid Accident in Rainy Season


Today I’m coming back from work …wet. Now its raining every evening..the road a bit slippery. The road is dangerous when raining with the quantity of traffic is increasing everyday. I’m going and back from work with my motorbike, so it is more risky journey. Every time I’m hoping not to get any accident.

Accident also increases with the amount of rain that comes. I’ll always care full, try not to loose focus while on the road. Its important to have a full concentration on the road especially if you travel with a bike.

Motorcycle is first in my country accident statistic, especially in raining season. Whether you on the bike or driving you should have your vehicle insurance. Is not just compulsory but if anything happen at least you something cover your expenses after accident happen. Click here for insurance guide before taking any insurance plan.

You also should consider to look at personal injury matters which also cover any injury which occur during accidents. Its involving claim, compensation, trial and others.

Please make sure things like get enough sleep, more on exercise and pay into details when driving. People always take for granted for not taking serious about their safety while on the road.

Focus on the road is the most important things and don’t do such things that can make you lost focus like talking on the phone while driving. I know there’s a hands free kit for cell phone which you don’t have to hold the phone while driving. But, it is the best way to stop and park at safe place before taking any call.

Even though is not illegal to use a hand free kit but 40% of your focus on the road have go to your cell phone coz you are talking, especially if an interesting topic to chat or a business call. Business is important but lives are the most important, not just your lives but others like bikers.

Take it seriously when on the road, think of your loves one.

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