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Architecure Photography Guide

This is HDR photography of one of the building at International Islamic University of Malaysia and if I’m not mistaken is the engineering faculty. I’m going to tell you some guide on shooting architecture photography. Use wide apertures and long shutter times, this will provide warmth and will keep the shots from looking like crime scene photos. Add a touch of flash (1/64th) to combat color shift and to add highlights to the scene. I generally keep my ISO at 400 or 640. Anything faster is too grainy, anything slower shifts the colors too much.

Stand back. Hold the camera to your eye and back up until you have the widest shot you can get, then you can set the tripod down and compose your shot. Don’t be afraid to include doorjambs into the shots, it will give the viewer a natural sense of depth.

Keep the camera below eye level of an average person. I have mine set to around 4.5ft, the lower angle will take the images out of the ’snapshot’ category. When shooting exteriors, think of the building as the center point of a large circle. Walk the entire circle, shooting every time you see an appealing angle.

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HDR Tutorial

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