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Adding Date Icon On Your Blog

If you have been to my blog before you must notice some changes that I made. My frontpage blog have date calendar icon on every latest post that appeared in front of the blog. The blue icon I just added through some scripting and adjustment on css.

It will give the reader the date of the article being posted. Just one look you will know when the last time this blog have been update. Its also give an interesting graphic user interface so it will attract readers to read latest and previous post.

How I’m doing it, ok first you must have the permission to edit your template. The front page of a blog usually name as index.php. You can find it under appearance then click on editor. You must have knowledge of php and css to do this, otherwise you have to ask fro your friend who knew php and css.

Put this script inside content area where the script execute the article list. Best place is before title of a post:


Then, after the index.php, now click on style.css where will adjust the css for inserting the image of the icon, put this script on your css editor:


On margin part you have to change it according to the location of your icon. On the background:url(images/datebutton.jpg) no-repeat;. You must change the filename of the icon according to your choosen icon name. For me its datebutton.jpg.

You have to put the icon images to the images folder. Below are some of the icon that I made for you that you can use it freely. You can find this icon anywhere on the net on the time this blog was written. If you use this icon I’m hoping you can give a link to this post or my blog from your site. That it for now, I hope you can get something from this blog post.

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