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Add FavIcon For Your Blog

FavIcon for your website or blog? Do you know what is FavIcon? Ok let me show what is FavIcon. Below are the Snap shot of Momoc blog which you are reading now. See the red arrow pointing at?. The yellow capital M with black background is the FavIcon.


It appear on near the url address field which usually a place where we put the url of the website or blog that we are surfing and also the browser tab like the red arrow pointing at ( example 1 ). FavIcon also appear at the forward or back button of the browser when you click the history of page (example 2 ). When someone bookmark your blog or website it appear on the list at the left of your blog name ( example 3 ).




How to add FavIcon to your blog/website?

There are many online FavIcon generator on the net, below are some of the list:
1.    http://www.favicon.cc
2.    http://www.favicon.co.uk/
3.    http://www.favicon.com/
4.    http://www.html-kit.com/favicon/

You can see my blog have FavIcon. I get it using the generator from http://www.html-kit.com/favicon/ . Below i`m going to show you step by step using this generator to get your FavIcon. First you must create an icon any size, for me its 200px x 200px like image below. You can use any graphic software like Paint, Photoshop and others. Then I save it as Jpeg, you can name it what ever you want.


Then log on to http://www.html-kit.com/favicon/ this page will appear. No need to register or anything. Just upload your image by clicking the browse button, choose your image which you created before and click Generate FavIcon.ico button.


This page below will appear after you click the generate button. It will show you the preview of the image with 2 type of choices, whether you like it still or with animation. I’m choosing the animate type as animation can grab attention of readers and looks more interesting. There are instruction on the right side how to add to your blog.


After you choose the animate FavIcon button click Download FavIcon.ico Package to your computer. Extract the file and follow the readme instruction how to add the FavIcon on your site.


That’s all guys, hope you can get benefit from it. I`m planning to add a FavIcon gallery on my sidebar, so if you which you want you favicon to be on my sidebar, feel free to submit your FavIcon and your url to momocblog@yahoo.com.

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  1. Martha says:

    Nice info. I will come back and see the design of Favicon section on your sidebar. Glad to be able to participate. 😉

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