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Abstract HDR Photography

Here another HDR photo shot from Lenggeng waterfall which taken on Sunday. I’m not going to shot typical waterfall shot where water fall from high distance. I find something different and I found this river rock which makes interesting shapes where I categorized it as an abstract HDR photography. This is nature shapes create by the waters maybe it takes about 100 years to have this shape.

Nature always give a beautiful look and feel especially in HDR photography and with some Tonemapping and some adjust in Topaz Adjust I get this beautiful texture. This shot taken handheld with aiming at he bright shining water that flow between the rocks to make it a fast shutter. So I can get 3 different exposures without any shacking or blurry. If I focus at stone the digital camera will automatically take few second shutter which make handheld is not a good choice and tripod is essential.


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HDR Tutorial

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