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Abandoned Construction Site HDR

momoc-blog-abandoned-construction-site2Today I’m busy with my neighbors and friend’s Aidilfitri open house, so my photography activity is limited. This morning I went to workshop to do some wheel alignment and balancing for my car. While waiting for my car, my eye attract to some old construction site.

So this is the only photo that I managed to capture this morning. It is the abandoned construction site of a 3 storey of office lot. I only managed to take 2 shot coz while I’m capturing this photo there are some people looking at me. On the left are the original file while at the bottom are the photo with HDR on it.

If they are the developer of this project I’m sure they didn’t like what I was doing. Maybe they will think I one of the investigator for abandoned construction. So after I get this shot I walk a way as fast as I can.

There are so many abandoned construction project in my country especially housing development project. Many buyers a suffered to pay their loan while the house or apartment which they are buying becomes a place for bushes or a drug addict ‘nest’.

Tomorrow most probably I set off to Shah Alam to my sister’s house and will bring you some of the photo from there if the weather condition is fine.

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